5 Ways To Develop Your Team To Achieve Their Potential

5 Ways To Develop Your Team To Achieve Their Potential by Team Training Specialists Head 4 Performance

Developing your team to achieve their potential doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money. With a principle of 70 % of learning is completed “on the job” . Here are the top 5 create ways to engage your team in development.

  1. Lunch and Learn– great way to share experiences,  buy everyone lunch once a month. Pick a subject that their is a development need .Get everyone to bring their experience and insights into how it has worked for them. At the end of the session get each person to write down one thing they are going to implement as a result of the session.
  2. Run a project or particular piece of work – this is particularly useful for someone who wants to take the next step up the ladder. Give them a particular project to run, discuss their role and what is expected. Support them by meeting regularly for updates and progress.
  3. Have a mentor or a coach– this can be someone outside work as much as within the business. Before selecting a coach or a mentor think about what are the areas of development you need plus the type of support you would like.
  4. Keep a journal – writing daily what has gone well , what has been a challenge? situations you have dealt with and the outcomes. Talking theses through as part of 121’s on a monthly basis is a great way to encourage your team to learn from their experiences
  5.  Visiting other businesses or attending seminars online– great ways to build a network and also learning back into your own business. Following the session discuss what could be used in your business and ask your team member to implement it, looking particularly for what impact they could expect and how could they measure if it was successful.

All of the above are things you can do easily, not only will it grow your team but it will show that you are engaged in their development.

About Head 4 Performance – with a huge experience and expertise in developing teams, Head 4 Performance offers team training and coaching to develop skills and engage teams to grow your business. For more information on our training workshops please contact us on Bristol 0117 230 1627

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