5 Ways to Empower Your Team

Leadership - Empowering TeamsMoving from telling your team what to do , to empowering them can be a tough journey for any leader.

The days of command and control are gone; a collaborative way of leading gains the best results. Every business requires innovation and usually at a rapid pace. These ideas cannot all come from you so empower your team and the growth comes quicker.

Here are 5 ways you can empower your team.

  1. Ask them what they would like to achieve in their future – this is key as if they know then they are more likely to be able to guide themselves rather than waiting for you to hand work to them.
  2. Autonomy give it freely – give your team space to make mistakes and give them freedom to make decisions. This increases their motivation and with increased motivation comes results.
  3. Help them understand their strengths – What are they good at? When do they feel they are at their best? What do they enjoy doing most?. Once they know this then they can achieve more by applying their strengths confidently. Give them “feedforward” so they can reflect and keep what worked and change what didn’t.
  4. Live the behaviours the way you want them to – this can be challenging and requires you to commit to this daily. Apply the same rhythm and rigour that you expect from your team to how you behave each day.
  5. Don’t give your team all the answers – your role is to orchestrate not to provide answers. This encourages the team to think about options and the impact of their approach. It also enables them to create their own style and find ways to deliver that work for them. Celebrating what they achieve is key.

Below is a little checklist for you to see if you are delegating or empowering your team. Which are you doing regularly?

Table: The difference between delegating and empowering

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