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ISL Recruitment Bristol logoH4P support ISL Recruitment directors Alan Furley and Henry Keeys to see the future they want for their business and implement innovative ideas which “set them apart from the rest’” Core to Alan and Henry’s vision creating an inspirational workplace with a high performing team who will deliver ISL’s growth plans.

Don’t take our word for it listen to what Alan and Henry have to say.

The Client

Established in January 2007, ISL Recruitment in Bristol strives to deliver innovative and transparent staffing solutions by listening and consulting with their clients and candidates alike. Adopting a simple but professional approach to recruitment ISL provides clarity and focus for all who utilise their services.

Working with H4P

With their eyes on being ‘the place to work’, the directors at ISL have been focusing their efforts on the people who make their business successful.

Working with H4P, Henry and Alan are developing robust frameworks to develop and grow their people, by delivering, coaching, and training to support their employees. In addition they have worked hard to clarify accountabilities and design career paths to meet individual aspirations and support the growth of ISL.

Having worked in agencies where agents are solely focused on the ‘doing the numbers’ ISL is working hard to build a balanced approach to work and set the benchmark for excellence.

By focusing on people Team ISL is reporting significant growth as the work they have undertaken with business coaches Jo and Sara Cottrell is delivered out across the business and embedded into day -to-day working practices.


While we have been working with Henry and Alan, ISL has

  • Clearly defined and shared the future aspirations for the business with the team.
  • Created and recruited for new roles growing in-house talent through the “Desk Lead” and “Sales Principal” roles so that there is a natural succession plan and moved to a fabulous new premises.
  • Increased their turnover, just a hitting one of their best months ever.


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Sara and Jo’s work with our management team was built around an understanding as to how each member operates and thinks.
Emma CarterHead of SalesExcalibur Communications