One Stop Cleaning Shop (OSCS)

Showing the competition a (very) clean pair of heels…

OneStop Cleaning Shop logoWith our support over the last two years, Bristol-based One Stop Cleaning Shop – already a successful and long established business – has achieved spectacular growth, with profits up by nearly 30%. We’ve helped to unlock that growth potential by working closely with brilliant MD Nikki Watt, freeing her to focus on shaping strategy, while developing the capability of her team to “do the do”, from day-to-day.

The client

Since they started back in the 60s, OSCS has evolved to be a dynamic online seller of cleaning products – living up to their name by also supplying their customers with high quality advice, guidance and training.

Working with H4P

So, how could we help a successful business perform even better? Working with MD Nikki, H4P business coach Jo Hale quickly identified the way forward. In order to realise her aspirations for OSCS, Nikki needed to focus more of her time and energy on the areas where her vision and skills would most value: strategy and leadership.

At the same time, we provided the support and training her excellent needed to expand their capabilities to take care of the day-to-day performance of the business, and to deliver her plans for growth.


While we’ve been working with them, OSCS has:

  • Grown four times faster than the national average
  • Added three new members to their team, and recently moved to larger premises
  • Successfully pursued larger projects – for example, recently winning the contract to supply cleaning materials to the Olympic Stadium in London
OneStop Cleaning Shop logo

Personally, since working with Jo at Head4Performance, I am working harder and am more focused than I have ever been.

Nikki WattManaging DirectorOne Stop Cleaning Shop (OSCS)


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During these past 5 years I have consistently received excellent feedback regarding Sara and Jo’s ability to identify focused development solutions, great quality training and impactful delivery.
Steven EdwardsGrowth Manager – Leadership and Management TrainingOxford Innovation Services