Create A High Performance Team in 5 Steps

Create a High Performance Team in 5 Steps Explained by H4P 

The business owners and senior leaders we work with are constantly seeking new ways to ensure their teams are more effective and their businesses are more profitable. At Head4Performance we use a simple 5-step model and practical tools in our work with teams to help them address the specific challenges they are facing. This might include self-awareness using psychometrics, leadership skills, influencing others, improving individual and team performance, managing difficult conversations and building strong working practices.

To become a real team takes lots of hard work and practice. A high performing team is committed, coordinated, focused, and adaptable with diverse skills and talents. Here are our 5 steps:



  • Understand and share where you are heading, this is defined in your business vision and goals. It is important to take time to imagine what success will look like for the team.
  • Be clear about the context within which you operate and clarify the team’s purpose – your mission, this is why you are a team and what you are here to deliver.
  • Build your team’s identity; share what each member brings to the team, what the team stands for and how it will live by this.

If your team is unclear about its purpose from the beginning you may get resistance to moving forward.


  • Understand your team’s operating principles, what are the values and behaviours you want in your team to build trust – what are your expectations of others?
  • Make sure your team is aligned to the overall vision and everyone is heading in the same direction, keeping on track means you won’t have wasted effort.
  • Communicate – have great conversations about work and roles to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of what is expected. Have clear processes for sharing information and staying in touch.

Deceit and manipulation can quickly undermine team cohesiveness – a failure to address these will lead to the erosion of trust in the team.


  • Engage your team and make sure they commit to action – each member of the team needs to keep their delivery and timing promises.
  • Be clear about your priorities to effectively allocate resources, makes decisions and move forward. Create actions plans and map responsibilities.
  • Know your assigned role in the team and what you are responsible for. Now is the time to address any conflict and step into delivery mode.

If your team is uncertain at this stage they may be over reliant on the team leader or resistant to implementing actions.


  • Rhythm and rigor makes sure you have processes in place to schedule and sequence work. Shared scheduling software programmes can make this easy.
  • Grow your team’s capability by providing opportunities for them to improve their skills and value in the team. Help people to step into roles that will improve the results for the team.
  • Coach lead and feedback when things are going well and when things need to improve,

If you are missing deadlines, review your team processes and reflect on what may be missing from earlier steps

High Performance

  • Woo hoo! Celebrate your successes!!! Your team is in the ‘flow’ – remember they will be working hard, so now is the time to reward excellence and mastery.
  • Keep delivering consistently great work – trust in your team enables clear and efficient communication, anticipation of needs, flexible and adaptive working practices
  • And smash it! In high performing teams people give of their best and bring out the best in each other pushing beyond what they could achieve individually.

If your team is constantly working weekends and nights then they are probably overloaded and which may lead to burnout.

High-performance teams take time and effort to build. Head4Performance helps business owners put the building blocks in place by developing and coaching teams. Success requires business leaders to invest in their people through continued and focused  learning to improve performance.


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