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Isn’t it great when you have an employee who goes above and beyond? They take responsibility; show initiative and ownership for their projects, processes and problems.

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Do you have a culture of accountability in your business?

Here are some of the warning signs that highlight things may need to improve:

  • Excuses
  • Blaming others
  • Procrastinating and putting off important work
  • Doing the minimum needed to get the job done
  • Falling short and missing deadlines

People can’t be forced to be accountable! However to build trust and encourage accountability leaders can take the following 8 steps to improve accountability.

  1. Set clear business goals and link individual roles back to vision, mission and values, at all levels. It is really important that people can see the impact their activities have on the business success.
  1. Define clear roles and responsibilities, to avoid confusion about who is doing what at the outset. Accountable teams will identify gaps, build processes and learn new skills to build a more capable team.
  1. Build ownership for the delivery of results and outcomes by encouraging your team to search for information, give and receive feedback and take action to avoid and correct problems.
  1. Ensure your people and teams have the knowledge, skills and resources needed to be successful and the freedom to make important decisions. Build confidence by supporting not controlling!
  1. Develop skills needed to provide effective feedback and encourage learning. This will help to identify what works and what doesn’t – and evaluate underlying causes.
  1. Build confidence in dealing with crucial/contentious conversations – being open and honest about what happened or didn’t is important to to understand the situation and resolve issues.
  1. Trust is essential, when promises are unfulfilled or mistakes are made. It’s not about punishment; this will only create fear and a reluctance to innovate. Allow your team to make mistakes and learn from them
  1. Coach to support accountable behaviours and lead by example. A coaching approach will encourage people to seek out feedback to support people in making decisions and understand next steps.

Accountability won’t appear overnight.

Where will you invest your time and efforts to build a culture of accountability in your business?

Jo Hale and Sara Cottrell have over 40 years of experience between them in developing organisation culture of accountability. For more information telephone 0117 230 1627


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