SDI psychometric profiling

Understand what makes you  tick

The SDI is a powerful and effective psychometric tool for understanding the motives and values that drive behaviours.

Head4Performance uses Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) to help people better understand their own motives and why these are important when relating to others. This understanding allows them to lead with clarity and empathy, build stronger teams, and more effectively navigate conflict.

SDI is useful if you are seeking to:

  • Understand motivations driving behaviours.
  • Appreciate the strengths individuals bring to their work, teams and the business.
  • Gain insight into how you can lead with clarity and empathy to build stronger teams.
  • Improve  collaborative working in teams.
  • Develop leaders.
  • Support  and manage change.
  • Drive sales.
  • Unlock the mysteries of working relationships.
  • Deliver outstanding customer service.
  • Navigate conflict arising from faulty assumptions, misunderstandings and different styles.
  • Choose behaviours to achieve desired results for you and others.

Why it works

  • SDI depersonalises conflict
It’s a unique non-threatening method for conflict management – it helps people to understand how to reduce the potential for interpersonal conflict.
  • SDI is memorable
It’s an experiential tool promoting common sense concepts in a highly visual manner.
  • SDI recognises our differences: 

It’s an inventory of the unique way we each value and prioritise different strengths, how we take different approaches and interpret the actions of others.
  • SDI illuminates the reason for our actions
It’s a snapshot of who we are — going beyond behaviour to reveal our driving motivational values.
  • SDI is life-focused
It takes a whole of life perspective rather than only focusing on work or specific roles.

SDI is easy to use and apply: 

It’s relevant to all levels across an organisation, making it an ideal foundation for effective communication across your business.

What is SDI?

SDI charting triangle diagram

SDI charting triangle, one of our tools

Strength Deployment Inventory is a practical and useful self-awareness inventory that increases relationship effectiveness. It is a life inventory based on relationship awareness® theory a validated self-assessment tool that delivers proven business and personal outcomes by decreasing the underlying conflicts diminish relationships.

The power of SDI is in how quickly and easily it gets people connecting and really talking to each other. SDI facilitates strong relationships through:

  • The insights people gain
  • The acceptance it encourages
  • The conversations it informs
  • The trust it increases
  • The conflict it decreases

Head4Performance use Strengths Deployment Inventory, to develop high performing individuals and teams.

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