Jo Hale and Sara Cottrell

Jo and Sara as a conference double-act

Jo and Sara from Head4Performance like to pack a punch with their engaging and interactive talks.

We breath life into your presentations to inspire and engage our audiences,  leaving delegates inspired to go back to work and implement practical ideas to improve their business performance and deliver real growth.


Whether the opportunity is a professional association event, an in-house meeting or your business’s annual gathering, the right speaker – well prepared and well positioned – can help you to:

  • Motivate and engage your team.
  • Start discussions for change.
  • Challenge mindsets and encourage participants to think differently.

Some popular speaking topics.

  • Developing trust in your business.
  • The changing shape of teams.
  • Why setting direction for your business is key.
  • The power of psychometrics in professional relationships  SDI
  • Positive outcomes from conflict.
  • Influence without power.
  • Collaborative working.

How we work.

  • We take time to craft our presentations.
  • Each presentation is unique – while we don’t build from scratch we build on our learning and incorporate new thinking.
  • We like to get our audience involved, thinking reflecting, acting and sharing to keep people engaged.
  • We like to make sure every participant has at least one ‘takeaway’, a useful tool, technique or idea they can put into action immediately along with the motivation to try out other ideas.

Want to know more?

Get in touch to discuss how  Jo, Sara or the double act  could provide added fizz to your conference or seminar. We can provide live sketch-notes as part of our talk. We’d love to know more about your audience. We will tailor our topics and delivery to resonate with them.

Or call us: 0117 230 1627

Sara speaking at a conferenceJo speaking at a conference


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