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Over the last two years. I have coached many clients who have amazing businesses . They are passionate about what they have created and enjoy the opportunities that go with growth. (They have also had some sleepless nights.)

One opportunity that arises is crossing the bridge in order to grow a business beyond a certain point, a point where they must transition from doing to leading. It means stepping back from day-to-day work and slipping into the role of the orchestrator.

This has it’s challenges, as not everyone does the job the same as you after all if they did they would be running the business. Delegating some of the significant responsibility to your team can feel a daunting experience.

So how do you start?

  1. Recruiting people who you trust and have the competence and skills so you feel comfortable to delegate to them.
    • Always recruit for the future not just what you need now.
    • Remember you don’t have to have all the answers , you need to surround yourself with the right talent.
  2. Create frameworks that enable you to monitor success and your team to check in with you. (Delegation isn’t abdication)
    • When do you want them to check in with you on progress? Set a time and stick to it
    • Ask questions instead of giving answers
    • Encourage them to spend some time planning/thinking about what they need to do to ensure success.
    • Encourage learning through others in the team – Maybe run some “learning lunches” were team members learn from each other about their experiences on a task or area of the business.
  3. Communicate clearly and give feedback. What does good look like? Provide good clear examples and check their understanding. Ask great questions.
    • “What does success look like for you? (Share what it looks like from your perspective) Does this match?
    • What support do you need through this process?
    • Have you done this before? What went well last time and what would you do differently this time?
    • What their tasks and responsibilities are and what are the parameters that they can work within?
    • Give feedback, celebrate success and make sure you encourage your team to reflect and understand what they have learnt and what they will change next time.

Once you have the right people, frameworks and communication in place, your business should practically run itself. This is when you can comfortably and safely focus on the business. You are leading and not doing, or in other words you are working on the business not in it.

This doesn’t happen overnight and you will also learn many things about yourself through this process.

Not only will the business grow but so will your team. Imagine what you could achieve?

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