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Working with entrepreneurs in high growth businesses we have seen a shift away from traditional command and control type structures with a ‘hero’ leader (usually the owner) to a flatter businesses where teams are self-managed and leadership is dispersed.

self directed teams trainingAs the business ‘grows up’ to become high performing and successful we see the role of the owner and the team evolve. Having built up a business over many years, owners have emotional investment in a business and are rightly very protective of what they have created.

For most owners there comes a time where they want to step back, to work on the business rather than in it. Sometimes it can be to simply take time off and feel confident their team will work well in their absence.

H4P provide Management Consultancy to business owner  and company leaders to develop internal teams that are self-directed, more efficient and productive. For an insight in how H4P can develop your businesses teams please telephone 0117 230 1627

In the move to flatter structures we see owners / leaders working in some or all of these areas:-

  • Clearly defining and agreeing goals, while allowing autonomy on how people achieve these.
  • Provide transparency around decision-making, processes are clear and outcomes shared with everyone.
  • Remain levelheaded and listen when ideas are challenged.
  • Criticism and support is given and accepted at all levels.
  • People are trusted to influence and make decisions.
  • Coaching is given to encourage learning and support people in their personal growth.
  • Time is built in to make creative connections with time-out to think and innovate.
  • Open communication, taking time to have valuable conversations and invest in technology for sharing information.
  • The team develops frameworks and ways of working.
  • Make resources available across the business to give people what they need to do their jobs well.
  • Patience, understanding that people move at different speeds, whilst they may see things clearly it can take people a bit of time to catch up.

This is not an easy journey as traditional thinking is challenged and teams find their own way of making sense. However studies show that in flatter structures people have strong working relationships, innovate often and are more productive.

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(Sara’s) approach was structured and sensible and allowed us to create a clear vision for the people in our business now and in the future.
Nicola RayManaging DirectorModern