Supporting Your Team’s Performance

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Supporting your team’s performance and growing your business.

Working with high growth businesses we see clearly how investing in developing individuals and teams can directly impact the bottom-line and deliver high growth.

Performance support is the direction, feedback and development people need to be successful.

Here are some very clear benefits of investing both time and money in supporting people to perform at their best:

  • Align goals —individuals and teams clearly know what is expected of them and how what they do each day contributes to the achievement of business goals. 
Activity is focused on delivering what the business needs to be successful,
  • Build competencies —
support your teams by helping them to acquire and develop the behaviours they need to be successful.
  • Focus on development —progress careers by improving performance, increasing the knowledge, skills, experience and capabilities of the people in your business.
  • Engage and empower — encourage others to take responsibility for their performance, development and career progression, while contributing to business success.
  • Facilitate conversations about performance — encourage regular, ongoing conversations about expectations, progress, accomplishments, performance and development needs.
  • Ensure individuals get feedback and recognition — provide mechanisms and frameworks for the feedback and recognition people need to continually improve and succeed.
  • Improve your bottom line —to increase productivity, efficiency and skill, lowers costs, eliminate duplication of effort and waste, and delivers business strategy.

In summary if the performance of each person is supported well there is an opportunity to increase the performance of the business. If the purpose and frameworks are clear, aligned to your business culture and values to supporting performance becomes sustainable activity delivering all its potential benefits.

For more information on developing and supporting your team’s performance contact H4P – Business Performance Consultants based in Bristol.

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