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Avoiding Business Sabotage

BUSINESS SABOTAGE! 5 ways avoid the pitfalls and deliver success

Are you your own worst enemy? Some your biggest challenges may be of your own making, self-limiting beliefs fear, self-doubt or overconfidence, Are you unknowingly sabotaging the business you love?

Read our 5 steps to overcome your inner saboteur and grow your business:

  1. Chasing today’s’ emergencies

Each day we see owners working against their businesses out of habit, doing the things they have always done despite the fact that they have recruited the most amazing people to work for them.

As a business grows it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds. This stops focus on the important things needed to move forward. Jumping into sorting out the day-to-day rather than planning how to use valuable time to deliver the desired outcomes.

  1. Operating without intention

Most of the owners we work with have a strategic plan. Where is yours? Have you taken it down off the shelf lately? It’s time to focus on the future and ensure the day-to-day work of your team is headed in the right direction.

Solution: Let your team know your team know where they are headed to focus them on important work to keep the business on track. Have your goals and measures in place to be sure you and your team have the focus needed each day.

  1. Need for control

Does it feel like you need to do everything? Are you still mucking in to single-handedly get stuff done? This is essential for businesses in start up, now it’s time for you to step back and use your skills to grow your business. The choices you make each day can prevent you from focusing your time where it will bring the highest value to your growing business.

Solution: Recruit and develop talented people, and then transfer responsibilities to them. It’s time to trust you’re the amazing team you have built.

  1. Recruiting people who are the wrong fit

Recruiting under pressure in never a good move, we make too many compromises and often settle a quick solution rather than taking the time to plan and fully considering real business needs. Recruit now for the position you want to fill 1-2 years down the line. Your experienced recruit will be able to hit the ground running and deliver the work you want now and grow your business quicker. Poorly considered recruitment will lead to problems down the line as your business quickly outgrows your people.

Solution: Be crystal clear about the essential skills and experience your team need to be successful – identify what you will need, don’t just gap-fill for today. Your team needs to grow at the same pace as your business and delivering value every day. Recruit the best you can afford, if you have chosen wisely your people are your biggest asset.

  1. Ignoring poor performance

Making decisions about people who you work closely with can be tough; you may have strong working relationships and emotional ties to people who have been with you from the start. Being adverse to conflict means conversations that really matter to the business are put off, everyone knows if someone is doing a bad job and hurting the business, it is your job to sort it out.

Solution: Have conversations early they will be easier to manage if they are sooner rather than later. Handling a difficult conversation requires skill and empathy, but ultimately, it requires the courage to go ahead and do it. The more you get into the habit of facing these issues squarely, the better you will become at it.

Avoid business sabotageBefore you blame your team, the competition or customers for sabotaging your business, make sure you know what’s in your ‘blind-spot’. You may not easily recognise the behaviours you need to change.  It is useful here to consider psychometric profiling (we like to use SDI) or ask for feedback from your team. When you are clearer about your strengths and development areas you can build a development plan to help you grow as the business does.

Avoid sabotage in your business and make the most of your business. Head4Performance (or H4P) are business mentors, coaches and strategists. Call today.

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