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6 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Success More With Your Team

6 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Success More With Your Team – Explained by Head 4 Performance

Ask yourself the following question.

“When did you last celebrate success with your team?”

Hopefully the answer will be recently or just last week ….

If not why not?

Have you not achieved anything recently?

Or have you missed the opportunity?

When your team achieves success, what do you do? We are often so busy we just move onto the next thing. Do you share a quick “well done” and then start on the next thing?. Over the years I can think of many a time when my teams have achieved some amazing results and we celebrated.. But I can also think about the times when we did achieve a goal or milestone and we just moved to the next one!

In our busy day, it’s all too easy to place immediate focus on your next task at hand and forget to stop and reflect on what’s been achieved. But if you ignore the wins of your team, you miss a vital opportunity not only to inspire your team on to even greater successes, but to strengthen your own leadership in the process.

Why is that important? It impacts what people think of you as a leader, do they want to work with you ? Do they feel motivated working with you? So, if you gloss over your team’s successes without recognition. How do you think employees perceive, think and feel about a leader when their efforts go unappreciated? Those perceptions also reflect on the company as a whole, and that kind of downward spiral can mean loss of some of your best team members and a downturn in results.

Here are the top 5 reasons why celebrating success is important for you, your team, your company, and for building up your own leadership brand.

Celebrating wins…


  1. Remind you of the goal you set and why it was important. It reminds the team what they have been working towards and the tasks they have completed to get there. It allows them to reflect on what went well and what their strengths are.
  1. Motivates the team. If your team feel appreciated and know you have noticed their efforts they will be even more productive next time.
  1. Focuses the team on the positive. Reminds everyone in the team of why it is great to be part of this team, being successful and achieving is important to keep the momentum and push forward for the business as a whole too.
  1. Builds trust and stronger relationships within the team. Celebrating success enables the team to learn more about each other, what makes them tick, how the relationships have build during this time, plus time to relax and enjoy the warm feeling that success brings.
  1. Reflect and Recharge. As part of celebrating success makes sure you give some time for reflection. Ask the team to reflect using the following questions:
  • What worked well?
  • What would you change for next time?
  • What are my favourite parts of the journey?
  • What have I learnt about your fellow team members and myself?
  1. Allows you to recognise and reward key players. When you are clear about what went well, recognise those in the team who demonstrated the values and behaviours that are important within the team and the wider business. Make sure you shout about the achievements and its impact on the business as a whole.

As a leader it’s your job to ensure that goals are achieved and that performance is increased therefore celebrating achievements is a great way to boost motivation, productivity and overall performance.

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