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Celebrate Success by Head4Performance

Why celebrate business successYou don’t need an excuse BUT it’s the time of year for many businesses with the approaching holiday season and imminent arrival of 2017 to hang up the bunting and celebrate their successes. Successful businesses, take time to celebrate achievements and show that you do not take hard work for granted.  Building a great team is challenging and it is important to take time and effort to celebrate success. When last did you raise a glass to the success of your team achievements? Celebrating success injects energy into your business, making it worthwhile for your team to continue to contribute to its long-term success. It is great for increasing engagement, which, in turn, increases productivity. Start planning now!

What is success?

It can be as simple as an individual’s performance over a week or the overall success of the business over the past 12 months. Success is whenever a goal is achieved.  Everything that gets done and contributes to the purpose of the team is a success.

Call it out

Recognising personal efforts that contributes to the team’s common goals will motivate and encourage If you have a team member who has achieved something important, a celebration can be as simple as treating them to a lunch and discussing their success in detail.

Share success stories

The stories about how goals have been achieved are useful. Sharing stories allows the team to get to know each other. They provide insight and practical tips others can use. They also help and inspire others to excel.

Recognise the success of others

Recognising success is very powerful as it reinforces the businesses goals and values. Showing respect for achievement will boost esteem, mutual respect forges stronger relationships and encourages employee engagement

Do it now

The rule of thumb for recognition is that the earlier the better. If the team do something great, be the first to notice and congratulate them. A more formal congratulation or a bonus can come later but don’t wait to say thanks for hard work.

Make it public

Public recognition is much more powerful than a private one. A celebration only feels like a real one with a crowd and some level of noise (involving lots of cheering and clapping).


Rewards can in all shapes and sizes, and can involve cash or non-financial rewards. A personal comment or handwritten thank-you note is great but sometimes a little more is needed.



Trophies can be used to celebrate the success of anything and everything: landing a new contract, finishing a piece of amazing work, or reaching a milestone—any success can be celebrated This ensures that almost everyone gets a chance to display a trophy on their desk.


Newsletters keep everyone in the loop. They’re great for sharing individual, team and project successes. Set aside a success page each month and celebrate the success of one individual and one team, as well as anyone else who deserves a mention.

Social Events

Get out of the office to celebrate particularly special successes. A social event gives people something to look forward to and makes a big difference to energy levels and morale. They are great to enable teams to relax together, strengthening team relationships and spurring them on to achieve even more.


Award ceremonies can be very simple and everyone can get involved in. Selected awards can be voted for anonymously, count up the votes, and hold an awards evening to celebrate the success of the great year you’ve had together as a team.


Who doesn’t like cake? Success always tastes a little sweeter with cake. Eating together is great for strengthening bonds in teams. Celebrating with cake can actually give your employees that ‘family-feeling’.

Final Thoughts

Celebrating success in your business will play a vital part in increasing morale and employee engagement, and reducing retention.

However, it is always important to define exactly what you are celebrating and why, so that your team know what to do in order to repeat their success time and time again.


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