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10 Steps To Creating a Winning Business Strategy

Strategy graphicStrategy is all about shaping the future. Building a game plan with bold steps so you and your team can focus and have a clear direction.

So how do you build a strategy to deliver growth and performance?

  1. Start at the end of the journey – Where do you want to be? Be clear about what success looks like.
  2. Have a clear vision. This is a statement that includes the purpose, goals and values.
  3. Look outside – Review your competitors, economic factors, look at your strengths and identify your opportunities.
  4. Look back – What has made you successful in the past? What did you do and can you bring this into the future?
  5. Engage your team – Involve them in creating the strategy, they will generally know where the opportunities are and what the challenges are.
  6. Know your customers – Who are they? How do they buy? What do you do well and not so well.
  7. Create momentum – Make decisions, have fun, be creative.
  8. Measure – create measures for success (not too many!). Measure them monthly.
  9. Apply Rhythm and Rigour – review the strategy quarterly, build into the objectives for each of your team.
  10. Communicate, communicate, communicate – share how every team member’s role fits into delivering the strategy and be clear of expectations and their involvement.

Remember the following once you have the strategy!

Action Action Action !!!

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