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Ideas for 2017

It’s here…2017, so what’s next?

It’s time to shake off the cobwebs of 2016 and start a brand spanking New Year – all bright and sparkly. Your personal challenges might be to give up smoking, drink less (Dry January is here) and exercise more –, but what about making some for your business too? Here are some of our ideas to get you started.
Business Ideas for 20171.    Learn lessons from 2016

So many great things happened last year and we’ve learnt a lot. Now it’s time for us to stop and make sure we use what we have learned to help us in 2017.

We will be pulling together a list of last years successes and thinking about the times when things just hadn’t gone as we had planned so we can pave the way for a better 2017. Bring it on!

2.    Make space for the important things

It’s time to dust off the business plan, revisit neglected passions and reassess where we are. Our plans will need refreshing which will really focus our minds on why we are here (our vision) and our original ambitions. We love to learn, we’ll be searching out new ideas, seminars and workshops to make sure we stay current and keep our work fresh.
3.   Nurture relationships with our clients

Really understanding our clients and what they need it vital to our success. When we understand and ‘know’ why a person or business does what it does and why it does it that way, we are able to get to the root of a problem and make a difference to performance. We make sure we ask our clients about the quality of the service we provide to identify opportunities for us to do better.

4.    Review our performance
We’ll take a good hard look at how we are performing and what we can do to improve. Where can we benefit from learning and developing ourselves?
We regularly look at how we are are performing and identify any gaps our knowledge and skills. We will be planning time to read and attend workshops and talks to stretch our knowledge

5.    Think big

All those new ideas!  New services, new markets, new skills what are the things we need to do to boost business?

Many of our clients are already committed to training, for us it’s about developing the skills and strategies needed to take classroom learning to work, for our delegates to have the confidence to use their new skills to affect change and improve performance.
What are your next steps in 2017? If you are looking for clarity it is something we are good at. Ping us a message, we look forward to hearing from you soon.



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