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Lead to keep your team in 2017

Lead to keep your team in 2017  Explained by H4P

Lead you team into 2017You are probably already thinking about 2017 and planning your business goals for the exciting new year ahead. You’ve just got your team to a great place and things are going really well for you.

For some of your team might see things a bit differently. Now is the time of year many of them will be thinking about their own goals and the career changes they want to make in 2017. According to research, 50 % of people leave their current job because of their boss. They could be thinking about that move because of you!

Here are some ideas make your team want to stay:

Agree realistic timeframes

As a leader, it’s your role to ensure your team can be successful. Take time to set and agree on achievable goals with your team, this will build trust and encourage them to take ownership and accountability. Impossible deadlines where are team are continually working evenings and weekends can cause stress and can make your team will resent you.

Trust and challenge

You can’t do it all on your own, many leaders of growing businesses just want to stay in control. Involve your team in some of your bigger business challenges they might surprise you with their insights and creativity. Your shining stars will welcome the chance to be involved in interesting projects that challenge them and add value to the business.

Empower for success

Set goals and allow your team the space to get on with what you have asked them to do. It’s OK to support and track to see how they are progressing. Take care not to interfere or micro-manage, your teams are experts in what they do, so let them do what they do best. It should be enough to check in once or twice a week.

Communicate and share

Teams like to know what’s happening in the business to see how they fit into the bigger picture (they can gauge the value of the contribution they are making) Keep your teams up to date with the information they need to make good decisions, this will build trust and encourage accountability.

Make your meetings matter

Think about what how you want to share information. Make sure you have a focused meeting agenda and send out any relevant information in advance. Meetings are a time to question and clarify NOT to broadcast. Productive time can easily be wasted if you are simply sharing information or the agenda is not relevant to some of the attendees. Be tough with your timings your team will appreciate your focus.

Address Poor Performance

If things are generally going well it’s easy to avoid those difficult conversations. Ignoring poor performers can demoralise the rest of the team. Your star performers will step in to pick up the pace, which is OK, from time to time however it can’t be all the time. Make sure you hold poor performers accountable.

Recognise contributions

Feedback is vital and it is important you recognise your team’s successes. This costs (£) nothing, just a bit of your time, it seems like a no brainer so why is it that so many leaders just choose NOT to do this? What get recognised gets done again and again. I’m sure you would want your team to keep repeating the great work they are doing.

Develop Capability

Nurture and grow your team to become shining stars. Your most talented people don’t come to work just do a job they want to grow and develop. Make sure you provide opportunities for your team to build their capabilities if you don’t they will look for businesses who can. Think of creative ways to create learning opportunities, coaching support, mentoring, professional talks and networking events often have useful educational elements.

Make it FUN

Even if you are flat out busy working on complex projects you can still have fun. Find ways to bring lightness and fun into the business to keep your team motivated and boost morale. It’s important to make time to play.

Take care of your team and they will take care of your business. Think about how you can build trust loyalty and commitment in your team and opportunities for them in your business in 2017.

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