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Thinking Big

THINKING BIG and…….why it is important to sweat the small stuff when it comes to business.

How do I make the small things my team does every day add up to the big things I want to achieve in my business?

It’s easy to get lost in the detail at work. Getting your head down and getting on with work is what it takes to deliver value to your customers day in day out, however it is equally important to look up and take stock, to reflect on how the business is doing. This is the time to ask the tough high-level questions about where your business is heading and consider the bigger picture so you can lead your team more effectively.

Here are some of the areas our business owners have found helpful when they have needed to step back and consider what they really want for their businesses.

Allow space and time to think

This isn’t ‘holiday’ time; this is focused time to spend working on your business. It’s time to step away from what’s next your to do list and really think about the big picture and ask yourself some hard questions.

  • What does success look like for my business and me?
  • How will I know when I am there?
  • Do I have a clear picture of what this looks like?
  • Can I clearly explain the big picture to my team?

Consider your business as your most important client, block time out of your diary to spend with your business. Give it the same care and attention you would your client. Choose a time when you feel at your freshest and most inspired and apply yourself those tough questions

Create your big picture

Now create your masterpiece, work with your team to paint your big picture. If everyone in your team can keep their eyes on the big picture and see how the key elements come together they will have a clearer understanding of the part they play and the value their work brings to the success of the business. They can see the big picture but know it is the little things they do each day that make the difference.

Pick your key goals

Connect your big picture to the day-to-day by breaking it down into clear measureable outcomes that can be measured. These bold steps are the priorities for your business and form the main elements of your business route-map. The route-map is the guide your team need to help them stay aligned, make one member of the team accountable for driving the work forward. Completing this task with your team will ensure everyone has a common understanding of what need to be delivered.

Choose your first steps

Your big bold steps are broken down into short-term SMART objectives – the immediate results you must achieve for success. Your objectives will serve as markers on your way to achieving your goals; they are a way of ensuring you are keeping on track and the team remains aligned to your big picture. These should be written down so everyone one understands what they are and the part they play in delivering them. Mapping your actions against time in your roadmap will drop everyone into action mode in the clear direction of the goals you have set.

Keep on track

Use your roadmap and objective to monitor and track progress. A wall chart can be a useful way of highlighting work that has been completed. Maintained properly this is a useful way of providing a complete picture of where everything is at a glance.  Regular check in’s are a critical practice to make sure you stay on track by regularly reviewing progress.

Where do I start?

Now is the time to jump off the hamster wheel and take out to consider whether all the effort you and your team are putting into your business really counts.

  • Book your time out – Give yourself that space to think.
  • Get the team together for a session to build your big picture – break out the coloured pens and paper to build create your painting.
  • Follow up with action – this is important to make sure all your hard work has been worth the effort.

“Great things are done by a series of small thing brought together”

Vincent Van Gogh

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