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Sara Cottrell“I’m Sara Cottrell, and nothing gives me more satisfaction than developing talent. I like to ‘tell it like it is’, and I’m not afraid to be challenging, but I think I’m also good at providing the support people need when they are stretching themselves, and dealing with change. Something else I do well? Thinking – and communicating – in pictures. I often find it’s easier to understand things when they’re presented visually.”

In short:

Sara is a vastly experienced business strategist, coach and trainer. A creative thinker, who is always looking to join the dots, she works with individuals and teams to help them gain maximum clarity about the issues they are facing, while continually raising performance levels.

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development CIPD logoIn her toolkit:

She is a member of the CIPD.

In the past:

Sara started her career in education, before moving into HR and learning and development, first with Sainsbury’s responsible for training provision across the South West region, and then the RAC, supporting executives and senior leaders in the business. Her experience has taught her that developing people matters if businesses are to grow and meet their ever changing challenges. She has led projects to design and implement learning programmes in for large corporate clients and bespoke programmes for SME’s. She is very much focused on improving individual performance to deliver the business goals and positively impact the bottom line. She also qualified and worked as a commercial spatial designer in healthcare, before deciding to focus on coaching support to grow SME’s in the South West, and start H4P.

In her spare time:

Family – a strong work life balance is at her core, travel – the more places I visit the more amazed I am, baking diva – cake makes learning so much more pleasurable.

In three words:

Amplify talent & capability.

In touch:

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, Sara would love to hear from you…

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